Welcome to my website. I provide guided motorcycle tours of New England. We focus on the mountains, lakes and coastline of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

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I have been providing guided motorcycle tours through the Alps of Europe for almost 25 years. New England Tours lets me expand my tour offerings to my own backyard, which I am excited to show to my Tour Members.

  • These tours cover many of the best roads in New England including farm country back roads, gaps and notches over the Green and White mountains and scenic byways along the incomparable coasts of Maine and New Hampshire.
  • We stay at specially selected classic and historic inns and hotels with their unique New England ambience that can only be found here.
  • I offer guided “stripped down” tours – no chase vehicles, no extraneous pampering and no fancy tour paraphernalia.
  • With my tours you get personal service with a friendly, relaxed approach, quality hotels, fantastic roads, unbelievable scenery and great comradery all at a tour-on-your-own price.

Final Thought – New England really has it all. We’ve got the mountains, the ocean, beautiful lakes, big cities, classic scenic villages and way too many enjoyable activities than can be listed here. It’s a great place to come ride, to vacation or to do both. My tours are designed to let you see the best that New England has to offer and to have an unforgettable time doing it.